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We've helped hundreds of Australians begin their property investing journey with our methods.  

Are you seeking advice on buying your first property? Or a proven blueprint to begin your property investing journey? Then you're in luck. 


At One Central Property, it's our company mission to add value through consulting with clients and building life-long relationships and focus on bringing positive results.

How can we help you?

Have more than one investment property? We create a long term investment blueprint on your growing property portfolio

Don't know where to begin for your first home?
We sit down with you, understand your situation and create a personalised plan. 


Looking to buy a property in Australia?
Or know anyone overseas looking to make an investment here?

We create a comprehensive strategy for overseas buyers to invest across Australia. 

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We have dedicated partners to help You every step of the way

We've helped hundreds of Australians find their first property  


"Bruno and the team are a serious force of well informed and true professional. True go-givers and value adders to client and not-client alike. They set a great standard in their industry."


"Brian and the team not only bring fundamental knowledge regarding the property market but also provide a good financial plan by synthesising their practical experiences."


"I have been extremely satisfied with the services  provided from One Central Property. Their product knowledge and services are excellent and the ability to find the right property to fit the client's need is on point .

I am very happy with the properties that they selected for me. "

Want To Find Out Exactly How We Can Help You?

For a limited time only, you can Claim a complimentary  60-minute consultation with one of our property consultants.  In this meeting, you'll discover the Number ONE thing to begin your investment journey. 

There's no risk and no obligation to do anything after the consultation. It's simply a way for you to find out how to obtain your blueprint to Kick Start your journey. 

Please understand these sessions strictly 10 per month. 


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