Discover what is happening with the current Australian Market and learn what you can do about it.
With our expertise, we have provided guidance to families looking to acquire their first home or purchase their first investment property.
Book a time with us today and find out how you too can get started.



Looking to buy your ideal home but not sure where to turn?
Need help planning or negotiating the right price?
Discover how many families have taken advantage of the government incentives and how to avoid paying large sums in stamp duty or lenders mortgage insurance.
Book today and you could be saving over $30,000*



At One Central Property, we use our expertise to transform your goals and investment dreams into reality.
We hand select properties that have low vacancy rates, high rental incomes and the strong presence of government or private Investment.
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Overseas Investors

Looking to invest in Australia but don't know what the right steps are to take? 

We specialize in oversea's investing and we are there with our buyers through every step of the process when purchasing your property in Australia.

Book a time with us today and you could be saving time and money.

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